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Post to all social media sites– from one dashboard.

With Sometoo you no longer have to switch between your channels, copy and paste, publish, monitor or respond to each separate channel. Plus, you can post in real-time or schedule posts in advance.


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Schedule a whole week in 30 minutes.

Schedule updates a week or month ahead and relax. The built-in calendar shows all scheduled posts by date.

Your posts go automatically to the chosen social networks at the most convenient time for your audience.

Never forget: automatically repeat posts.

No more forget to notify customers about your weekly Friday offer.

Always content: Add any RSS feed to fill your channels automatically

Use RSS-Import to instantly post messages from any chosen sources. Add your own newsfeed and automatically post news from your site to selected channels.

More Features:

One-click Video uploader on Youtube

Automatic url-shortener to optimise posts for Twitter

and much more…

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All followers and fans in one place.

Read and respond to user comments in all social networks in a single interface in real time. With shitstorm notifications you will never miss important feedback.

No matter how many accounts you have, 1, 2 or 10, you no longer need to endlessly sign in to social networks to always be in touch with your audience.

Watchlist & Notifications with 24/7 keywords alert for all your social media

Our blacklist system identifies potentially important comments 24/7 and notifies you immediately.

Firestorm Alert

Social media firestorms can't catch you off guard anymore. Sometoo sounds the alarm at the slightest sign of a bigger backlash from followers and the public.

OneStreamView for quick overview and shitstorm handling

All unanswered reactions in one place. For a quick overview and professional task management.

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Teamwork with the bank security level.

Suggest posts, proofread, reply to comments and much more. With Sometoo you can easily involve colleagues and external service providers. Assign rights flexibly. Anything can, nothing must.

No password sharing anymore.

No longer any need to share a long list of logins and passwords for your social media accounts.

Your colleagues don't even have to be registered on the social networks to post via Sometoo.

Permission management at your hand.

Give access to your social media, while retaining full control over your accounts.

Access can be withdrawn at any time, the user will not be able to delete the channel, change its name or even publish without your permission with our built-in 4 eyes principle.

Secured data transmission.

Relax about privacy and hackers with secure data encryption over SSL protocol and German servers.

Post in social media through public Wi-Fi at the airport or even Great Firewall in China - nobody will be able to take control over your accounts.

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