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4 profiles
1 user

Basic features
Basic networks


  • Basic Statistics (3 months)
  • Basic History (3 months)
  • Limited Scheduled Posts (50 posts)


44,90 $ monthly

24 profiles
5 users

All features
All networks

Additional Benefits:

  • Unlimited Statistics
  • Unlimited History
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts

Better Overview:

  • Shitstorm Alerts
  • Post Templates
  • Email Notifications

Team Features:

  • Proofreader & Editor (4-eyes principle)
  • Sub-accounts for agencies
    with different permissions


89,90 $ monthly

60 profiles
10 users

Premium features
Premium networks

Additional Benefits:

  • Up to 60 Social Media Profiles
  • Extensive Onboarding and Coaching
  • Key Account Management for premium support
  • Statistics Export (as PDF)
  • Embedding in your CRM system


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